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Belly Blast
Total Core Solution
This is FOR you if you have ....
  • Diastasis Recti  (the separation between your abdominals)
  • Bloating
  • Posture Concerns 
  • Back pain  
This is NOT for you if  ....
  • You already have a flat, sculpted tummy
  • You like to spend hours at the gym
What You Get ...
  • Diastasis Recti Core Workouts - 3 core workouts (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) specifically designed to help you regain a functional core
  • Weight Lifting Program - Diastasis safe weight lifting program, designed to help you with your posture, with videos for every move to ensure correct technique
  • Cardio HIIT Workouts - Three 10 min HIIT workouts which are Diastasis safe, workalong videos and videos for each move to show different progressions for your fitness and diastasis stage of recovery
  • A Private Facebook Group - where you will have access to me to ask the community your questions
  • App Access - your programs on the app as well as program site
  • Access to the program for life - so you can continue for as long as you need/want
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"...My Back is Thanking Me!"
Katrina’s Programs are full of information that is easy to understand and short enough to fit in during a hectic day! I lost 7lbs in 2 weeks and my back is thanking Katrina every time I get up!”
"...I have confidence to get back in shape!"
Katrina’s video’s have given me confidence to get back in shape. They have excellent progressions that build strength, this building confidence. In two weeks, I lost 2 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my hips and one inch from my chest. And many people asked me if I am taller 
"...So much value"
There is so much value in Katrina's Belly Blast Program. The meals were tasty, the exercises easy to follow and really make you conscious of how your muscles are supposed to be holding your body up, and the most important part to me - you NEVER feel alone. She is super knowledgeable and so supportive in the group - so glad to have come across her page! I had great results even though I didn't follow things to a T.
Get access Now!
You get life time access and support for only $52
Your order is 100% Secured

Katrina Oakley

Katrina Oakley is a mom of three children. After and during my pregnancies I did everything wrong. Crunches, sit-ups, running, holding in my belly button everything I could think of to lose my belly. After hernia surgery I found out about diastasis and how I had been making everything worse.
I have now dedicated my life to help others not make the same mistakes I did, I have trained as a certified posture specialist, and postnatal fitness instructor and currently training to become a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist in order to pass on the best (and most recent) information on diastasis recti to you.
Katrina Oakley
Common Questions about the Total Core Solution - Belly Blast Program
After I purchase the program, how will it be delivered to me?
After purchase you will be taken to a thank you page, on there will be your link to create your login to the membership site where the program is located. You will also be sent an email with a link back to the thank you page - so you will always be able to locate it.
If you don't get the email, please check your spam/junk/promotions folder in case it was directed there.
Do I need access to the internet?
Yes. The program and all the videos are accessed via a membership site on the internet. You can download the programs and written instructions, but you will need to view the videos on the internet.
Do I need to have completed the FREE beginners program first? 
No! On the program site you will have access to the beginners and intermediate programs as well so you can choose which core workout you are ready for. I have included a start plan to help you work out what workouts and progressions you are able to do at your current stage of recovery.
Are there modifications?
YES! This program has been designed for all fitness levels and stages of diastasis recovery. You will need to watch the instructional videos for each cardio and weight move to see all the modifications and know which version you are ready for.
Will this help my diastasis even if it has been a long time since I had my child/children? 
Absolutely! Building core strength, improving posture and reducing bloating is appropriate for any stage post pregnancy.
What if I don't like some of the meals?
There are plenty of options, so you can switch meals around if you need to. Also in the private Facebook group I can help you out with any substitutions that you might need to make. But I do recommend trying each of the meals, they have all been taste tested and approved by my 3 kids and husband.
I am vegan, can I still follow the meal plan? 
There is also a 3 week vegan meal plan in the program - so I have you covered!
What equipment do I need?
This program can be done in your own home. For the weights program you will need two sets of hand weights (a light set and a heavier set). A yoga mat will also be helpful if you have hard floors.
I don't have diastasis, but would like to lose weight and reduce bloating, will this program still benefit me?
YES! Many people do not activate their cores correctly when doing abdominal exercises causing bulging and pressure on their abdominal wall, and most people would benefit from improved posture, so most definitely this would help anyone - in fact my husband followed this with me and had fantastic results
Can I do this while pregnant? 
Even though there are many modifications, this exercise program has been designed for the post-delivery time frame. I would wait until you have had your baby and been released for exercise after your 6 week check up.
What if I lose my details to access the program site?  
simply email me at and I will resend you your information as soon as I can
What happens after the 3 weeks?  
The beauty of this program is that you can repeat it many times, due to the modifications that can be made to make it harder. You will also always have access to it, so you can repeat it at any time you want/need to
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